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Maria Müller

The picture paints me, not me the picture

I intuitively throw paint onto the canvas and sometimes jump into the painting to bring to light what is struggling inside me.

Experiences from the past, present or future are formulated into a timeless parable. Dreams, visions, unexpected figures that creep in during the painting process condense into a pictorial space with its very own reality. An initial idea is lost in the painting process. Then the picture paints me, not me the picture.

Although I am sometimes inspired by current social events, my work does not claim to be political. Rather, it is about the expression of states of the soul, emotions or existential questions. 


Studio: Atelier Kloster Rühn / Klosterhof 1 / 18246 Rühn

Shows: https://www.mariamueller.info/news/

Homepage: www.mariamueller.info

E-mail: mariamueller-malerei@posteo.de

Portfolio Art.Salon

Mobil: +49 179 - 6696976

IG: mariamueller_malerei

Workshops: https://www.mariamueller.info/workshop/

Interview: Insight Out 5 / KUNSTraum Schwerin